Use cases for team-managers

Collective Intelligence in practice. With smart algorithms, we help you complete every step to compose and maintain the best combination of people. At work, all sorts of things can suddenly change. Employees can resign, your team assignment can change, or new team members come in. To keep your team’s Collective Intelligence up to par, Team-composer helps with all these changing circumstances.

Describe the assignment
Set the scene
Invite candidate-members
Collect members profiles
Compose your team
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Collective Intelligence in practice: compose, change, expand your team, whatever the conditions are.

Check the chemistry of your team

Team-composer is an excellent way to gain insight into the Collective Intelligence of your existing team. How well does your team fit the current team assignment? What risks does your current team assignment have? Is your team diverse enough, or just too mixed for the assignment? Is the team chemistry insufficient, sufficient, or just very good? What benefits and concerns does the composition of your current team have? Team-composer answers all these questions.
How? Tell us more about your team assignment. Then, invite your team members to make the assessment, discover your team score and learn about your team’s chemistry.

Check the chemistry of your team | Team-composer

Compose a new team

Do you need to form a new team? Then Team-composer will guide you through the entire process. First, you formulate the team assignment where Team-composer helps you. Next, you invite potential team members to complete their profiles and take the assessment. And then you put together the best team. For example, if you choose team #1, you take Team-composer’s advice. Want to overrule the advice? Create your own team. And whatever team you create, you always get feedback on the team score and the pros and cons of each combination of team members. So, you can always compare every team’s composition.

Compose your team out of thousands of candidates | Team-composer

Make changes to your team

Your team composition may change after some time. For example, a team member moves to another team. Or the team falls short and needs additional team members. Then, Team-composer supports any change in your team. You can add, remove and replace members. Each time we guide you through the whole process. And whatever change you choose, Team-composer gives you insight into the chemistry of your changed team with its pros and cons.

Change your team to improve collective intelligence | Team-composer

Select new hires into long-lasting teams

Suppose you have a vacancy in your long-lasting team. And recruitment offers you 3 candidates, all suitable for the job. Which one fits best in your team? Ask team-composer! Invite your candidates to take the assessment. Ask them for informed consent. And compare the team scores with their pros and cons. You will find out which candidate will boost your team’s chemistry.

Collective Intelligence in practice | Team-composer

Onboarding multiple hires

You hire five highly talented young grads. They will start as trainees in several teams. You want them to succeed right away, and getting them started in the best team may help. Team-composer can help you. Invite all grads to join Team-composer, ask them to take the assessment, and complete their profiles. Then, you can compare them to any team you want and determine which grad will contribute most to which team.

Allocate new hires based on collective intelligence | Team-composer