With team composer, you assemble teams with maximum Collective Intelligence. Start improving team chemistry and the fun of teamwork.

Team composer is available in Dutch and English.

Improve team performance
Compose collective intelligent teams
Scientifically proven concepts
Collective Intelligence sets the scene
English and Dutch
For Dutch and English-speaking organizations.
Intuitive to use
Logical steps and a clear dash
Maximize team chemistry
Discover the pros and cons of every team composition
Encourage diversity and inclusion
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Which subscription fits your organization best?

You can easily pay the subscription by bank.

If you subscribe, you will receive an invoice.

After paying the invoice, you can start composing right away.

Smaller organizations

1/2 year - prices / month
  • € 18,- per team manager
  • € 6,75 per team member

Run many projects

1/2 year - prices / month
  • € 20,- per team manager
  • € 7,50 per team member

Larger organizations

1 year - prices / month
  • € 18,- per team manager
  • € 6,75 per team member

Want to experience Team-composer for free?

At work, events will take us by surprise. For example, team members might come on board once the project has begun. Conversely, team members may leave your team, or the team assignment’s circumstances may change over time. No matter the changes and whenever they happen, you can manage your team’s Collective Intelligence anytime with a subscription.

Team members can accept team invitations, take assessments, view assessment results, and update their profiles.
Team managers have the same features as team members and can invite members, create teams, explore scenarios, and manage mid-term changes.

Get a free subscription, and you’ll be up and running within minutes. But, of course, you can always migrate your subscription to a paid version during the first month. Your free subscription does not automatically upgrade to a paid one.

Team-composer won’t bother you with the complex back-end processes. It works intuitively, and you don’t need any additional training.

We have listed some examples you can run with Team-composer, along with capabilities and limitations. Click here to read the overview.

Team-composer supports English and Dutch.