How Team-composer works

Team-composer works intuitively and makes complex team configurations easy. Smart algorithms help you complete every step to create the best combination of people. In this way, we help you create collectively intelligent teams. 

Team-composer is a space for team managers and members.

Intuitive to use
Logical steps and a clear dashboard
Maximize team chemistry
Bias-free, fair and easy
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Team-composer works intuitively.

Team composer works intuitively, and helps you create a great team. We take you through all the steps in a structured way, in the correct order, and with respect for everyone’s privacy. So whether you want to review an existing team, build a new one, or modify an existing one, Team-composer helps you compose your team step-by-step. Easy and simple.

Describe the team assignment | Team-composer
Step 1. Team-assignment description

Add a title and description. The clearer the description, the more engaging it is to candidate team members. 

Describe the assignment context | Team-composer
Step 2. Team-assigment context

Make sure the team starts with a proper assignment. Answer the ten context questions, multiple-choice, easy, and fast. Read the tips on team assignment feasibility and, if necessary, adjust the circumstances under which the team must operate.

Team-composer works intuitively
Step 3. Invite team members

Invite preselected candidates who might fit into your team. Invited candidates can read the description and indicate their interest. Are you a member of this team as well? Then, send an invite to yourself. 

Team-composer works easy
Step 4. Member profile and consent

Candidates complete their profiles and take an online assessment. They can learn about their assessment scores with our intuitively clear reports. Once they have given consent, Team-composer can start assembling teams. Only candidates can see their assessment data.

Compose teams easy | Team-composer
Step 5. Compose your team

As a team manager, you can now compose your team. Team-composer works intuitively. So, choose team #1 if you follow the advice of Team-composer. Or assemble alternate teams and check out their scores, the pros, and the cons. Is your team complete? Follow the steps to inform the remaining candidates properly.