Build collective intelligent teams

Build collective intelligent teams

We developed Team-composer to build collective intelligent teams, reduce staff turnover, get team members to complement each other, and improve team performance.

In many teams, there is no lack of talent but rather a lack of chemistry. As a result, motivation fades away, staff turnover emerges, and performance disappoints. The days of creating teams based on randomness, assumptions, and fixed roles are over.

With Team-composer, you create teams based on relevant data and scientifically proven concepts. We are not putting some standard, one-fix-for-all roles together; Team-composer matches every team assignment with combinations of potential team members to maximize Collective Intelligence.

Team-composer helps you compose a team easily, bias-free, and fairly, with maximum chemistry that values every member.

Why Team-composer creates better teams

Within psychological science, it is well established that Collective Intelligence is the best predictor of team performance.

How Team-composer works for you

The right combination of people

Team-composer creates optimized teams based on the team assignment and members’ profiles. Smart algorithms search for combinations of members that fit best with the assignment, fairly and bias-free. And to make it even better, Team-composer finds combinations of people who strengthen each other. So we don’t create teams based on the best individuals but the right combination of people.

In collectively intelligent teams, members strengthen each other


Team composer allows you to create new teams or discover the chemistry of existing ones. You don’t need spreadsheets or other separate documents. You can keep all data and overviews in Team-composer. Simple and manageable.

Team-composer works intuitively

For team managers and members

In Team-composer, you can be a team manager, team member, or both.

If you are a team manager, you can create a team assignment, set the context, invite potential members, and compose your best team.

If you are a member, you can participate in various assignments. To join as a member, make sure your profile is complete.

Team managers en members can join Team-composer

Privacy first

The profile of a member includes relevant hard and soft skills. Team-composer assesses soft skills, for instance, thinking style or motivators. Only the member can read the results. Once the member gives informed consent, Team-composer uses the assessment results to compose teams without sharing them with the team manager. In this way, the assessment results always remain the member’s property.

Team-composer assessment for collective intelligent teams

Team-composer is available in Dutch and English.

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Smaller organizations

1/2 year - prices / month
  • € 18,- per team manager
  • € 6,75 per team member

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1/2 year - prices / month
  • € 20,- per team manager
  • € 7,50 per team member

Larger organizations

1 year - prices / month
  • € 18,- per team manager
  • € 6,75 per team member

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